About Our Store

The Crypto Mom and Pop (and twins) Shop

Crypto Swag Hub has been a passion project for my family. Once we knew twins were arriving I began executing on this idea I've had for a while, to build a crypto merch store with artwork on shirts that I would actually want to wear. The goal is to raise money so that my wife would not need to work and can focus on taking care of our babies, which are quite the handful!

I have been in crypto since 2011 so I am very passionate about the industry and I am excited to share my passion with everyone else. 

There is no doubt that the brilliant tech behind crypto will be in our every day lives in the future and the journey to mainstream is an exciting one. Those involved get a front seat to see this technology evolve into something as big as the evolution of the internet. 

I am proud of every shirt sold, knowing that other enthusiasts are wearing that passion and spreading this brilliant idea that Satoshi Nakamoto created, the blockchain. Wear it proudly! 

I would love to interact with you on our socials. Any likes/follow or sharing photos of you wearing store merch is a big help and is much appreciated!

And for a glimpse of my crypto thoughts and what I've been into lately you can follow my personal crypto twitter account @bitterdragon

Thank you for being a part of this journey!




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